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The Dean`s message


Foreward addressed by Professor Marius Profiroiu

- Dean of the Administration and Public Management Faculty


A modern, transparent, flexible and efficient public administration is an essential condition for the structural transformation of the Romanian society.

The development of the society, the accelerated environment changing process, the reduction of the renewing process of fundamental and applicative knowledge (which consequently generates the perisability of the knowledge collected during the education process) determines the structural transformation of the report between the basic formation (necessary in order to assure the future professional mobility) and the continuous formation, taking into account all the new elements supplied by both theory and practice.

Public administration reform does not only consist in changing the legislation, in creating a new department or removing another one. The most challenging part of the reform has to do with changing mentalities and attitudes.

Attracting young specialists in the public service is another priority of the reform process. This can help changing the vision regarding the public servant profession and promote a new generation of leaders in the public administration, generation which is well prepared and determined to implement the modern principles of public management, as well as the values of the European administrative space.

The team from the Administration and Public Management Department is aimed at finding new solutions for the challenges linked to the administrative and economic environment, to offer the future public servants the basic and specialized knowledge needed in the common effort to modernize the Romanian society.

The adaptation of the public administration academic education to the real needs of practical activities means great scientific and practical effort of the Faculty`s team in order to understand the effective phenomena that bring challenges to the Romanian administration. We are aware this will not be easy, but we have a strong belief in our team`s ambition and professionalism!